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Care of the body is extremely important for our happiness  and comfort and we need it to accomplish good.   We receive, and can hear/intuit the Spirit of God easier and more clearly in a healthy, clean body which is God's vessel.  The health of the body affects the thought processes as well. We can compare our body/mind to a receiver.  If a radio is broken it can not receive the radio waves;  If our body/mind is "broken" it is harder to receive all of the gifts and blessings that are available to us.  

I will not get into all the many alternative health viewpoints.... gluten, paleo, etc. although I love Functional Medicine which is the new paradigm in  practicing medicine.  I urge you to read up on it, especially books and websites by Dr. Mark Hyman,  Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Kelly Brogan.
Whether it is physical energy, emotional energy, mental energy  or spiritual energy, we need energy and we need energy to love and to serve others.   So please read on and consider the following information, the basics.   

The first thing we need to do is to follow the laws of nature;  to do what we already know to do.  The laws of nature,  which I  call Natures seven doctors,  are listed below.  It would be wise to first do these things  before trying this remedy and that remedy .... go to this doctor  and that doctor.  Medicines and doctors and supplements etc. can assist us, but there are no magic pills.  So if you want to travel along the road to better health, no matter what your health concern may be there are basic laws of nature that we need to follow.  

Back To the Basics!  Nature's Seven Doctors

1. Good Nutrition
2. Exercise
3. Pure Water
4. Sleep and Rest
5. Sunshine

6. Fresh Air
7. Positive Mental Attitude and Faith

 In your meditation, imagine God's healing Light shining on you and throughout your entire body. It really is there. You only have to "claim" it through your imagination, which is the language of the Spirit. 

So what else can you do to improve your health and well being?   As I have said, each of us is different, and generally,  sensitive people need to be more careful about their lifestyle than others.  However  with all the information out there,  which is often contradictory, how do you know which "route" to take?

First Nutrition!



"God satisfies my mouth with good things so that I stay young and strong like an eagle." 
-- Psalm 103:5


Following is some basic nutrition information in a nutshell.  However everyone is different, and so you must experiment with foods to discover which foods help you to feel your best.  And use your intuition!   Here are some general guidelines that I think (most) everyone should follow:

1.  Eat foods in their natural state  -  not overly processed  by food manufacturers.

2.  Eat whole foods, for example,  an orange rather than orange juice (though juices have their place.)

3.  Eat small frequent meals.  "Graze",  especially if you tend to have unstable blood sugar;  and never eat too much at one time.    This puts a tremendous strain on your digestive system and your energy in general.

4.  Avoid, or cut down on white sugar, aspartame, and all other artificial sweeteners.   Try stevia,  maple syrup, honey or coconut sugar in moderation. 

5.  Eat whole grain breads, cereals and pasta,  instead of  white flour and white flour products.  These items are among those which create an ACID condition in the body resulting in numerous conditions, one of  the most common being candida (yeast infection).   White flour products also have no fiber, and few nutrients.   Better yet, and especially if you have digestive issues,  seriously consider trying a gluten free diet.   

6.  Use salt sparingly.  Pink Himalayan or sea (Real Salt)  salt is best.

7.  Use butter in moderation,  rather than  margarine or  other  hydrogenated fats.  Better yet, go dairy free and use ghee.

8.  Avoid all products that have any kind of artificial additives in them.  Read the SMALL print on labels.

9.  Many  people are affected adversely by caffeine.  Try drinking green tea, herb teas, or decaffeinated, organic coffee  instead.

10.  Eat LIVE*,  preferably raw,  or properly cooked  foods.    Buy organic if possible. 

11.  A low glycemic diet is best.  Most high fiber foods are also low glycemic foods.

12.  And whatever you eat, eat with mindfulness and thanksgiving!

Always remember that only nature has the power to heal,  IF given the proper nutrients which are the building blocks of the body. 


Here is a wonderful Prayer/Affirmation that helps to answer that question:  Say it often!


God is Healing Me Now

(taken from Unity's "Daily Word")


"Whether I am experiencing symptoms of a cold or a challenge of a more serious nature, God is with me, healing me and guiding me throughout my healing.

The life of God is within every cell of my body, bringing about a healing, and in a cooperation of my mind, body and spirit, I am revitalized.

God inspires my thoughts so that each one is in support of the healing activity that is taking place throughout my body. Through the still, small voice I perceive in prayer or through the words of a health-care professional."    

Last but not least.  Each of us is unique. Listen to your body, and follow your Intuition.

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