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Someone said that what one loves to do at five years of age is what one will love for the rest of their life.  That certainly does apply to me.  Whether I was five, ten, twenty, or fifty I have always loved being creative.  Some of my creative pursuits have been making "paper dolls" as a child, various drawing and painting techniques as I got older,  writing, and contributing to newsletters when computers became available,  and many other artsy things in between.  Currently, and for the past ten years my main interest has been pressed flower art.   See one of my creations below.  Along with that,  I  occasionally revise, redesign, and update my website which involves arranging articles, writing,  placing photos on the pages and more. 

It gives me great satisfaction to have this means of creative expression, and sharing my other passion.... learning, and passing on what I have learned over the years.  I hope that besides my joy of doing this for myself, it will be of benefit to many others on the path to health and wholeness.
I have been on my healing "journey" for some 45 years, and I have learned much about holistic health... body, mind, and spirit.  Some of my writing here may seem like I have a  pie-in-the-sky philosophy, but after reading, studying, pondering, and praying,  I have come upon much truth by studying the wisdom teachings... the things that the sages, saints, and all the mystics have agreed on for centuries, otherwise known as the Perrenial tradition.  These wisdom teachings give us much-needed HOPE at this time in history. Many of the articles on this site I have collected over the years and have been written by other authors (with their permission).  

My hope and prayer are that you who have stumbled upon this website will be blessed and have renewed hope.

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