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"...and may your spirit and soul and body be kept strong and blameless.."  2 Thes. 1:23


"Our life's true purpose is wholeness, the integration of all our sub-selves and fragmentation,  This advancement is the real occupation of our human existence."
(from "A Way Without Words", by Marsha Sinetar


"When man was originally placed by his Maker in a paradisiacal garden with its abundance of fruit trees and green leaf herbs, - God provided also invisible food - consisting of pure, undefiled fresh air (the breath of life) laden with the aroma from flowering shrubbery and luxuriant foliage of plants and trees.  Clear, sparkling water, running stream, unpolluted by man-made poisonous chemicals, were available year round for man to quench his thirst - and the magnetic-impulses together with electrical vibrations coming direct from the solar rays furnished vital forces for the body.  And the good earth added its share of these "invisible foods" for both spirit and body which are inexorably interconnected and require these essentially necessary vital forces for life." 

- Prof. Arnold Ehret in "A Religious Concept of Physical, Spiritual and Mental Dietetic


"The object of the spiritual journey is the healing of body, mind and spirit."  
Thomas Keating,  "Invitation To Love"




"A truly healthy person is full of Light"  author unknown


"Of all the knowledge, that most worth having is knowledge about health!  The first requisite of a good life is to be a healthy person."  ~  Herbert Spencer


"The advacement to wholeness is the real occupation of human existence -  Marsha Sinetar



"The integration of physical healing with psychological and spiritual healing, alone is truly holy.."


"The body, mind and spirit are not separate;  they're a unity.  To have mental and spiritual health one needs bodily health.  Bodily health depends mostly on nutrition.  It is that simple;  you're not going to be a great, loving, happy person if you're not feeding your body right."


"Salvation is wholeness!"

"I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of
Our Lord Jesus Christ." 
































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