Holystic Essential's

Poetry Written by "HSPs" 

To My HSP Friends

from Katy

Across the miles you touched my life,

Opened my eyes, and filled my empty heart.

Strangers, yet friends,  Our spirits reach out,

Always touching,  never apart

You in the north,  me in the south,

Never together,  never apart.

~ By Carol Miller




 Highly Weary

by Annette

If it doesn't itch me, it will hurt; 

I will only have peace when I'm dead in the dirt.

The highs are higher and the lows are lower 

I wear out faster and recover slower

I wish I could live in a bubble

Reality is just too much trouble

But I can get tipsy on a thimbleful of wine

My vices don't endanger my budget's bottom line

And I can lounge around in my comfy cotton clothes 

Visiting on www. with the ones I like the most.




(inspired by the movie)

By Harry Bolman, Feb. 15, 1999


Always on my mind  and always  in my heart.

You have been beside me, right from the very start.


On a voyage of great discovery in a journey through this land.

You have been protecting me, You've always held my hand.


When this body that I travel in was much younger than today. 

From within I felt you near me,  knew you'd guide the way.


It's a source of constant comfort when the going does get hard.

To know you'd never leave me, you hold the open card.





One Day No Night"

by "Melle"


Your embrace lifts me softly;  

All the time You draw me  

I long for Seeing you;  

You give me the colours

In your light  Setting me free

Talking , Taking all Whispering .  

Waking me up, shaking me down

To your ground

All day let me shine  

Shining on me back

And able to trust  when I'm  away  - You are near...


At dark night I listen quiet calling me ,

You send joy , Soften my heart

tears of pain for me

and tears for our joy 


Washing my stones to tears  

I receive your love and my heart changes  

You open my eyes to see a glimpse

And I listen


I imagine me no longer in prison

Escaping the night forever

And fly with your wings

Into your freedom seeing you


Always one day

Seeing  - your Love covering all-  

No night, no more








By Ashley


 I watch the brown, crisp leaves of autumn as they fall

One by one ever so gently from the trees above

Above all, standing tall & majestic

With this sense of power about them

This sense of power that I would love to grasp

And hold as my own.


O big, strong tree,  how did you become so brave?

Putting on that courageous front

That face of everlasting solitude and grace

Your leaves may fall, Revealing your true self,

But you stand strong holding your ground

For the bitter season of winter is yet to come.

You set a good example for all to follow

Standing your ground in the harshest of seasons

I wish to be as brave as thou.





~ Sometimes ~

(Submitted by Nomi - Oct. 18)


Sometimes I need to tell you how far away I feel-

Words float upon the ripples of my brain

And the storms of my stomach

But do not come to form themselves in my mouth.


Other times I cannot tell you enough.

My heart is bursting open-

Full of possible sentences, phrases;

Maybe a poem, a story, or a novel.

They are like pieces of chocolate in my mouth

Tasted so perfectly, I forget all else.




Freedom Dancer

Submitted by Jaki


Open What Could Be,  Stand Still....

Listen.    Does your heart See?

Breathe  in  harmony,

Connect  with  Ecstasy.

Leave  behind  misery.

For  what  we  are.

Just is.........

Will always be.

Seeking to be free.

Inner peace eternally.

No more wishing longingly

Freedom dancers here to stay.






Submitted by Michelle

 Hear the Bongo Drums synchronizing to the waves of the ocean

We dance again to this same rhythm

A part of all

Harmony in the Harmony in the light 

It is early morning

At the side of the Road

The wee hours revitalize, reenergize 

From Dawn Looking on through dark quiet streets

A sensation of complete quiet and peace

An awakening and expansion of mind begins to light a freedom

May this sunrise take us to its breast on ours.





 By Pauline


 Silent leafs rustle in the wind

And tell me ancient stories.

 Inside me my soul smiles at them

and kisses their being.

 So much is wordlessly said being alone with the leafs

open to all Universe.




~Fall Rains ~


Hiking along in the cool rain

Forest of Oak, wet leafy lane

Crystal light reflections of the sky

cupped in the leaves I pass by


Now bent closer I look to find

it is I in place of sky

Me, now sky, now eye

Now one.





Magnolia in an Apple Tree

by Michelle (Shell)


Plucked fresh, found in an Olive Tree

Broken Magnolia, Sweet Flower

You came from Heaven

I see how spiritual your message is to me


For a Bird came and hovered for minutes at my window

The purest message I've ever seen

Was it all a dream?

And I've seen a lot of things


I've never seen such a sweet or beautiful flower  

as your lovely pure white pungent blossom


as your lovely sugar magnolia

or your hovering summer bird


A pureness from another world

Almost like the world of dreams

But real!





~Pixies ~

Submitted my Sandra


If you're very lucky you might see

A pixie or two or three

Rarely they venture into sight

Just have to be very, very, quiet


Mischievous, creative and bright

And never ever seen in the limelight

Work is done when no ones there

Spreading dust everywhere


Was that a rustle over there? Continued below

No! No! you must not stare

Most cannot see, don't know the way

To get a pixie to come out and play


Sensitive and generous and kind

And rare in this world to find

You're lucky in a lifetime to see

A gentle pixie, running wild and free.





Mother Nature

Submitted by Jaki


Natures rapture

Brings sweet capture

Love fills every pore

Opens Heavens door

Who could ask for more than this

Contemplate a better bliss

There is no better other

Than eternal Earth our Mother




The Mind's Beauty 

By Fyre (Cam)


Peace  -  Perfect Peace.

My mind  is at rest.

All is tranquil in my silent world.

I hear nothing,  I say nothing,

And I see nothing

But the beautiful countryside.

Just for a moment,

I open my mind to my surroundings;

And I hear  - t he sounds around.

silent  meditations,

Startling me.

But I keep listening... I hear the parrot-like chattering

Of  the people around,

And strangely it serenades me.

The speech of people is almost as pleasing

As the art of classical musicians.

It soothes

It comforts

It pleases

Yet I leave them to their chattering;

And I recede into my silent world once more. And again I marvel at the tranquil peacefulness

Of  my  thoughts

As  I  turn  my  eyes

Onto the beautiful countryside

Of  my  mind. ©February 1989

Camille Moore-Chang. All rights reserved 




 Where do you live , inside or out ?

Does your mind hold confines

Are you blind to the rhyme ?

Do you see what you feel

Is what you feel real ?


Are you walking in the light

A sleuth of truth ,

A seeker of love ,eternal youth ?

Does your pain lead to gain

Do you take life by the rein ?


Are you failing to endeavor,

Caught in stormy weather ?

Entangled in the vine ,

Instead of free and divine ?


How can you know ,or show me,

If you haven't heard a word,

When you listen to the herd.

Do you know yourself ,

Enough to be yourself ,

Be true , to you ?


Is what you seek ,freedom or comfort ,

Do you feel love or need it ,feed it or bleed it ?

Do you know what you seek,

Or seek to know , does life flow ,

Your soul grow ?


Do you question life, others , yourself ,

Look beyond the boundaries of reality ?

Seek  immortality ,

Dream of what could be ,

Feel the ecstasy, strive to be free ?


When questions form , change is born.

A chance to learn ,to grow ,a new seed to sow .

Engage the gentle flow , sail the sea of knowledge,

Life's college, the lessons await ,perchance, to lead us to fate,

Deliver yourself from the wait, embrace life , before its too late.

~by Jaki~2002 



 ~Trust ~



Trust me

Breath in..


Breath out.


Trust Me Says the Man

Trust Me

Says The Light

Trust Me

Says the Wind

Trust Me

Say The Three in One

Trust Me

All creation joins the chorus

Trust Me, Trust the Path

Trust Me

Trust Me


Trust the Path

After step

Trust The Path

After step


Trust Trust

copywrited 2001, Sue Bland






by KatieT


Shhh... I can hear the wind whispering through the leaves..

The  few that are left.

What  was  that?

A Bad Day You Say?

Complaints and frustration,



Shhh....  the wind...

Roaring down the road now.

Do you see the leaves?

Running and crashing and Bouncing and crashing.


You are annoyed, now

Random things fly from your lips.

I see through the window

Leaves wrestling in spirals

The forgiving grass ebbs and flows

With the waves of intensity.


What?  Am I listening?

How can I with so many things happening?

Your words rapid  fire

Wind  howls and moans

Witches and ghosts and leaves fly Past my window.

Look at me

Now can you see?

I need heartfelt soulful signs

Stories of lists and numbers won't do

I need the whole big picture.





By Cerise


As the seabird flies along the windswept tide

The movements of which he must abide

The brave new promise of one more day

While the last one fades away


To drift amongst the memories made

The likes of those through which we wade

The dark still waters shadow night

And reproduce the moon's great light


The pearly depths of evening's rejoice

To live through them; the only choice

Where time stands still for those who wait 

And pulls upon the strings of fate


So that, perhaps, when time begins

It absolves us of any sins

The time of laughter and that of tears

The semblance of life throughout the years


To embrace the world we thought we knew

The world in which the new day grew

The sparkling shores at dawn

The essence of dreams prolonged


Silver-like-diamonds raced on the shores

Wishing to stay there evermore

And laugh with the stardust above

And sing with the snow white dove

To find the meaning of love





By Julia Newbern

Silent Communication

A look, a smile, a touch

A promise of things  to come

But within the soft, slow exchange of a kiss

Lies the promise

Of something deeper

Expectations that the best is yet to be

Not a word need be said

For with the exchange of lips

Can come an exchange of minds.

Silent communication?

Or fireworks exploding within,

Starbursts in myriad colors

Diffused and permeating our bodies 

With their expanding warmth,

The gift of a kiss

Is a silent exchange

No ribbons or wrapping paper required

The only wrapping

Is of our arms around each other

As we communicate so much, unspoken.



Search for Elan
Lost within myself, I seek to recapture
That Spirit, who dances, taunting, twirling
Around the roaring fire in which burns my soul.
She dances, beckoning, her movements pure grace
Tongues of flame reflecting in her eyes.
Her gaze sees, as if through me, as she extends her hands
The pulse of life beating with her every move
"Come! Seek that which you have lost!" she says, but in silence
Speaking to me in words no one can hear, though we are alone.
Closing her eyes, she lifts her arms to the heavens as
In my mind, again she speaks, "I am your Elan!"
You and I are One! What I am, you will be again.
Feel the rhythm of your soul, burn with the depth of your desire
Beseech the gods for that which you seek
Yearn and reach, for your soul, into the fire."
She extends her hand to me, in invitation to rise and dance
In fear, I pull back, feeling the heat of the flames
Opening my eyes, I look through them and see
Through my tears, my soul, gazing back at me.
The reflection of which, as though a mirror seen
Not of who I am, but of who I can be, and who I have been
Should I only have the courage to reach out and brave
The flames of my own doubt and uncertainty.
Taking a deep breath, I rise, and overcoming my fear,
Step into the midst of the fire, burning with a heat
That is cold, I claim again my soul which was lost,
Gathering my spirit into myself, I rejoice
And realize it was all worth the cost
For in those flames, was forged a strength that can hold
Through any adversity, strife, suffering or cold
I look out of the flames, but can no longer see
That Spirit; my Elan, my Soul, is again One, whole, in me. 




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