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Thank You!

"What a wealth of information!"    ~   Janice

"Thank you !  I am so happy I came on this site by the grace of God; now I respect my emotions more and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart  ;-)"

 "I would like to thank you for taking the time to put this web page together. It's very informative and I got a lot out of it........  I was forced to look at myself to dig deeper and see where my wiring was different. and HSP explains it all. here....
With that said what I'm getting out of all this from reading up on Jung, Aron, Yourself, and a select few others is that I am different. but there are more like me out there......
 I appreciate the time you have dedicated to your studies, you're doing good work.

"Thank You, Katy.    Thank you for the work you've done.  I haven't gone through every page of your site yet.  I will be a visitor from time to time.  ~  Anon.

Thank you for the website.  I'm fifty-two, and just learning why I have been different' all my life.  I don't know what to say.  Your website really helps.  I am going through dramatic and painful changes in my life.  I've prayed for a support group.  I was led here.  Thank you.   ~ Anon.

" I just had to let you know how much it meant to me to find your website, then to see that you included our Blessed Virgin Mary..... I need support to practice my faith in my own way..... Thank you for being an oasis!.....  "I told my husband about your site, how excited I was to find it, and he thought it was fantastic!" ~  PMR


"This is a beautiful site! You've done a wonderful job encapsulating HSPness...."    ~  Barrie Jaeger

"I loved your page!  Thank you for the effort to make it and the love that fills it guided by wisdom and Light!  I've book marked it and will return to it often!  ~  Mary 


"Thank you so much for your website.  It uplifted my soul.  I felt the spirit burn strong within my bosom with every word ...."    Anonymous

"I just accidentally stumbled across your site and wanted to compliment you on it.  My visit was a very soothing and welcome break in the midst of a stressful work day.  (I love that green, it's one of my favorite colors :-)) ......... Keep up the great work...."   ~  Bonnie


This is an amazing site!  I really felt it speaking to me  . I am going through a difficult period at the moment where I am reliving my own difficult childhood experiences. I always wondered why I just knew I was so different to others and it didn't click until a few months ago when I remember my mum saying before she died that I am very sensitive. I did some research and came to this site. Now I see!  I'm actually a HSP,  someone who was always ostracized at school for being the deep feeler and thinker that I am. I just thought it was some undiagnosed neurobiological disorder.  ~  Anonymous



"I am having strong feelings of wanting to say "Thank you" but, I am just not sure what has touched me.  Could it be finding that there are other "sensitive" people besides me?  Hopefully, yes!"  ~   Anonymous

 "I found this site yesterday.   I think it is a great resource and serves as a reminder for us lightworkers as to our ultimate path which sometimes can get quite blurred along the way...."  Anonymous


I just found out by a psychologist that I was HSP so I checked it out on the website. It's amazing how your description is exactly how I feel. I have noticed that I feel the spiritual vibes etc. of people and that most others were oblivious to it. Every once in a while I would meet another HSP and we would click automatically like long lost friends. We would share our mutual feelings of being different and attuned to the spiritual. 
I think these are great articles and I plan on sharing it with my HSP friends.   Anonymous

"At long last, I now have a great feeling of elation to know that I am not mentally impaired / weak. It is with much enlightenment that I read upon such helpful tools and realizations. Thank you, thank you, thank you. "  ~  Lisa

"Your website is a great work of art, information, and light!  It is almost like a magazine in and of itself.  ~  Anon.


 "I first heard of HSPs on April 6 of this year.  I found your website.  Half-way down the page I started to cry.  It is all so true!  I am "overwhelmed" by these words of fact and encouragement.  I need to process all that I have read and prepare to accept myself as being strong rather than weak.  Sigh...this is wonderful!  Thank you."   ~   Juliette


"Whenever I visit your site, I feel angels...:-)    It's a wonderful site, by the way."   ~  A


"I  read the book by Elaine Aron some time ago. I was looking for inspiration and came upon your site by chance today. Great reading........"    ~  Anonymous in England


"Katy, I loved your website. It's an inspiration to me....  I have a cat too, that was a stray... She was only six weeks when she showed up in my yard. She decided to stay under certain conditions -- she must be in charge .She's a beautiful Burmese and we have great love for each other. She's been with me for about 13 years.    I'm also highly sensitive so I look forward to reading some more about that from your site."
Love,  Tate 


"Anything positive to spread the word about HSPs are the best sites to find on the internet." ~  Anon.

"A cool website for HSP's.  It has a lot of positive things on the HSP.  The webmistress of the site says she believes that we HSP's are the Indigo's, the Crystal Children... etc, and that we are Children of the Light... It's so cool to see our spiritual significance put in such a positive and uplifting way."    ~ Anon.

Hi Katy, checked out your website. You are such a soft and tender soul........  Again your website is great!. Bless you.  ~  Anon. 

Thank you....simply...thank you.  Because of your pages, and pages like these, bit by bit I am beginning to understand my life of "being different", yet at the same time knowing that only so much can be understood...the rest of the gift must simply be accepted.  I still often wonder "who am I?".  Again...thank you.  :-)   ~  Anon 

"Thank you Katy for your website.  I was guided to check it out by a member of an HSP group that I coordinate here in the Bay Area, CA.  I feel blessed.  I love reading inspirational words and yours is full of them.  I especially enjoyed your section on cats............... I could go on writing, but I will let you do that in your remarkable and empowering website.  In peace, gratitude and aloha..."     ~    Nicole...

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website. It's a comforting, and validating place to visit. really like what Pearl Buck says about HSP...that is the one description that most resonates with me. I  like the design, too... simple yet lovely. Lots of good stuff on it and I appreciate your sharing it with us and all the effort behind it."  ~   Anon.

 Really enjoyed reading your words........comforting and wise...thank you.  ~  Paul

"I found when researching HSP it was basically the same half dozen web sites coming up..but I knew there must be more...(and found yours).... it's a very nice site, much more personal.  Well done."   ~  Anon.


"I just clicked on a Link while surfing the net, and there it was, HSP.  When I started to read it, I said that's me!!, and began to cry........your web site helped me realize what I am.... I would like more information on this.  God Bless."   ~  C.


I just wanted to drop a line or two and tell you THANK YOU for putting up your site - I am also a Christian -  your site is a Blessing to me for it helps me to have the right words to explain - so I thank you for saying it all so directly and delicately stating your own faith in the process.
Not to mention the great links and other info you have on the site.   ~  Deborah

"Hi, Katy:  This is a very intriguing article indeed. (So Sensitive?! Why Sensitivity Is A Gift, by Carolyn Coleridge, MSW)  I liked her comment "You are sensitive for a reason, be proud of it."  Often it is difficult to see the attributes of a highly sensitive nature as it is can be seen as a weakness through the "world's eyes".  Thank you for offering this article.  The other articles and quotations were enlightening also. "


"I just went to look at your site and it is really beautiful!!!"  ~  Nancy 


"Every time I read your website I find something new.. that I love even more!  So wonderful you have a whole site dedicated to the sensitives."   ~  Carolyn


"Thank you...and especially for your interest and support of us "sensitives"!  Much appreciation for your special contribution....Many blessings, much peace and unending joy."   ~  Karen


"Hi Katy!  Wow - what a GREAT article!!  I really enjoyed it and definately needed to read about breathing....Thanks so much for sharing that with me -- it was interesting and you're a very good writer!  I really look forward to future issues!  I think it's great that there is a growing group of HSP advocates-- we're badly needed.  Thanks again for sharing!!"   ~ Amy


"LOVE it!  (the HSP Spirituality Page)  You are on the "Spiritual Sisters" message board.  Thank you!!"  ~  Jane


"Your site is wonderful."  ~   Cynthia


"I have been smiling through your website. I finally allowed myself time to give it a deserved long "look". You look radiant on your homepage!  Just glowing from the inside out. Your entire site is a labor of love."  ~   Susan


"I loved your latest newsletter....thank you for sharing your experience.  I think you are there....just hold the space and know it won't go away this time, but only get stronger.  God bless........Many blessings, much peace and unending joy,"  ~    Karen


"I like your website and I believe in your philosophy.....  Thank you for spreading your light!"   ~  Carolyn


"I like your website. The lay out is very beautiful!"  ~   Anne


"I emailed a copy of your June Newsletter to a good friend of mine, Mary, just to see what she thought of it. She said "that's good stuff".  She's going to send it to a couple of her friends including a man who's wife just died last week."    ~   Margi


Hi Katy...   The article you wrote on breath work was great!   It has certainly piqued my interest in the work...."  ~   "J"


Katy,  Thanks for the message, this was very interesting to me.  I really think that breath is the whole secret to our spirit, and I am interesting in learning more about this.  Thanks for letting me know.  Michelle


 "Thank you, Katy for this wonderful newsletter!!!!!!  That was really good!!"  ~    Joy


"I really did like your newsletter about water. I forget to drink water constantly though but I do know that the more I drink, the thirstier I get, but the better I feel too!  I always have a bottle of water around, somewhere  :-)  I just need to be reminded!  Your newsletter helped!  Thanks again, Katy!" ~    Joy


"Katy,  Excellent list!  (concerning " The Good News Newsletter" ,December, 2003)  I have one thing to add.  Sugar is not as hard on the system when eaten after or with high protein foods such as nuts, beans, meat."   ~  Annette

"Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading your news letter . Breath work has been something I've been working on a lot too this year ...great reading about your experiences :-)  ~   Jaki


Hi Katy:
I" love the information about breathing.. It  sounds very therapeutic.... Hopefully, in the future I can take a class in it.    ~   Marian


"Katy, ..... continue being the child of light  and highly sensitive person that you are and keep offering the insights that you are offering on your sites."   ~  Jim


"This is an outstanding idea!  I know this will be very successful.  Already, your writing has given me something new and important to think about.......Thank you for your fine work in bringing this newsletter to us."   ~  Ginger


"Hi Katy...
I read your Newsletter.  It is:
I would like to print it and send it to my cousin who is in Kuwait (we think!). Might make several copies for him to pass out."   ~  Ginger.

"Congrats on your wonderful new site!  I looked around a bit, and enjoyed it very much.  Also, nice choice of photo- very flattering of you.  I can see that I could come back to the site again and again and enjoy it."   ~    Sandra


"Katy:  A message on the board www.spiritualsisters.com, let me know of your existence.  I would like to use excerpts from your homepage along with appropriate links to direct sensitive, creative people to your website....."  ~  Jane


I think your Newsletter was very well written!  So intuitive and nice to read! :-)   ~ Anon.


 "I read with interest your articles about HSP's and found the reasons for where I am in life. Thank you for taking the time to invest in such good work for so many!"   ~    Charlie



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