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                "The Harvest is Great; the Workers are Few

Having been interested in the concept of Light for many years  and having  a passion for learning about Truth,  Life,  Love,  and discovering the glories of God and His "Kingdom," I want to share some of what I  have learned  with you.  If  you are on the spiritual path  and are interested in  Jesus as the Light of the world,  please read on!   I hope you won't  pass this up and think it is just more "religious stuff". 

 I love to learn  and I love to teach as well.    I especially  love to spread the word that Christ is the Light of the world.    It is my conviction that Christ is the "highest" Life... the most highly evolved  being (and much more!) who ever lived...and He showed us how to live the highest Life also.   That is, to become Light and Love and live in the Reign  of Light...in the heavenly realms . This Reign of God  operates not according to the law, but  transcends the religious law and transcends religion... even Christianity ...... if Christianity means following a set of rules rather than BEING  like Christ.

And so like a sunflower I am always turning toward the Light and travel along the path to the Heavenly Places.  I love to spread the good news that all are children of the Light and that the Reign of God is already here.   It is only a matter of discovering this greatest of all Truths;   of believing it and receiving it!   The sooner we discover this truth, the sooner we will have the Reign of God manifest on this earth. 


Here is a passage from one of my favorite authors, Thomas Keating, from  "The Mystery of Christ:  The Liturgy as Spiritual Experience." 

"The joy of Christmas is the intuition that all limitations to growth into higher states of consciousness have been overcome.  The Divine light cuts across all darkness, prejudice, preconceived ideas, prepackaged values, false expectations, phoniness and hypocrisy.  It presents us with the truth.  To act out of the truth is to make Christ grow not only in ourselves, but in others.  Thus, the humdrum duties and events of daily life become sacramental, shot through with eternal implications.  This is what we celebrate in the liturgy.  The *kairos,* 'the appointed time,' is *now.*

According to St. Paul,  'Now is the time of salvation, ' that is, now is the time when the whole of the divine mercy is available.  Now is the time to risk further growth.  To go on growing is to be at the cutting edge of human evolution and of the spiritual journey.  The divine action may turn our lives upside-down; it may call us into various forms of service.  Readiness for any eventuality is the attitude of one who has entered into the freedom of the Gospel.  Commitment to the new world that Christ is creating - the new corporate personality of redeemed humanity - requires flexibility and detachment:  the readiness to go anywhere or nowhere, to live or to die, to rest or to work, to be sick or to be well, to take up one service and to put down another.  Everything is important when one is opening to Christ-consciousness.  This awareness transforms our worldly concepts of security into the security of accepting, for love of God, an unknown future.
The greatest safety is to take that risk.  Everything else is dangerous."

Pp.  27-28.  Continuum, New York.  1996. 


 Jesus Pattern for a Happy Life 

                                                                                     The Beatitudes

When you begin to show ever so little willingness to find your light, offer that willingness to the Holy Spirit.  Do it consciously, deliberately.  Holy Spirit, I am willing to find my own light.;  If that is scary, do it anyway. Your own light is for you.  It is the Father's gift to you. You can trust it to bring you joy. You can be free to enjoy your own light.  If you are willing, the Spirit will rush to show you his shining within your own spirit.

Liquori Publications, Missouri 1981.



 Be A Light in the Darkness

By Yvonne

"Be ever so careful, as you may be a child of the Light.  Wherever, there is Light, the Darkness wants to put it out.  And oh!   There is so much Darkness around.

The children, they see the Light. They see the Light and know the Light and the Light gives them hope.  However, they see it very dimly at first, as, they do not believe it or trust it.  There is so much Darkness around them.  Moreover, as they continue in the Light, their hearts open up to grow.  As their hearts open to grow, then, do their minds and they learn.  However, the Darkness does not want them to learn for as they learn they become increasingly open to the Light.  This is the way that the Light has created us to be.  We start out like a flower bud and as we receive that which we need for growth, the growth comes and we blossom. 

And oh!  The children of the Light are so ready when they are young to see the Light.  Be careful and vigilant so that the Darkness will not overtake them or you.  You are a gateway to the Light from which all Darkness flees.

Let, these words resonate in your heart, mind and spirit.  "Continually, ask for God's wisdom and guidance."  God will provide it for this is His promise to all that seek Him.

People of the Light understand intuitively.  We are scattered.  But, there are many.  We need to let the other know that we recognize them. "     

You, dear reader, are a Child of the Light .


 By Yvonne C.


" I choose Light, but too many times, it is Dark to which I surrender.
In the beginning all was Dark.  It was Light that came and conquered the Dark.  Dark will not rest until it conquers the Light to which it is always attracted.  But Light, which I choose will always win out.  I choose to be aware and know that which I choose.
As, I choose to go with the Light, I trust in the Creator to give me the strength to follow my decision.  The Creator is not only my strength but also my joy.  There is no greater to follow.  God the Creator is the Light which always overcomes the Dark."


How to be Full of Light 

by Katy

 Health has been defined as a body that is full of Light.  You can raise the frequency of your body by taking care of it physically, emotionally, and Spiritually.  Here are some things that you can do.


Believe , receive , and acknowledge God's Life , Light and Love in  YOU

Receive Christ into your heart

Breathe the Breath of Life

Eat Whole and Live Foods

Follow Nature's 7 Doctors

Spend Time in Nature and Beautiful Surroundings

Read  and Affirm Spiritual Truths

Meditate and Commune with God

Visualize God's Healing Light in your  Body/Mind

 Jesus  talks  about light in Matthew 5:14-16.  Notice that he says, you *are* the light of the world, not you will be when you are something better.  Right now, within yourself, shines the light for this world.  Many have not discovered that light in themselves.  Many perhaps feel that they have no light.  Do you think Jesus was mistaken?  Did he not know what he was talking about? So you must in fact be the light of the world now. Start to look for that place within yourself where light shines.  It is there.............

                                             Light Quotes from the Bible

“Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body. When your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light."    Matthew 6:22

"As the men watched, Jesus’ appearance was transformed so that his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as light. "    Matthew 17:2

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