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My all time favorite natural health advocate!

Judith Kravitz the Breath Therapist

 If you find you have certain sensitivities that make it hard to live in the world, you might be a highly sensitive person (HSP).  Check out Elaine Aron's Web Site, and take her patented self test to determine your level of sensitivity.    


Visit Thomas Eldridge's HSP Web Site.  Much useful information! 


If you are highly sensitive and in need of counseling or coaching from a licensed professional counselor and HSP, please visit Jacquelyn Strickland's Web Site


Award winning communication specialist and EI (Emotional Intelligence) coach, Rachael Green, offers you a bundle of free resources on emotional intelligence, communication, relationships, presentation skills, networking, people management, emotions and more!


 Many HSPs are also Cultural Creatives, a segment of the population (about 25%), who are interested in the healing of the earth and of society.  Find out more





  Consultations and coaching regarding people with the Trait of High Sensitivity, Relationships, Work, HSP, etc.
Click here to visit:  


I am a big believer in Ayurvedic medicine.Visit:  Blue Lotus Ayurveda Center

Learn about Centering Prayer, a form of Christian meditation:

An attitude of praise and thanksgiving to our God is a powerful state of being that can reverse the downward spiral of desperation and bring greater and greater healing and happiness!  To help you to reach that blessed state, you can visit Brother David's web site:


 Another one of my favorite author's is Ron Roth who is also a mystic and healer.  Visit his web site at:





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