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Wherever you are right now, imagine putting up sound barriers all around you. These barriers are invisible, stretching from the ground to the outer atmosphere. No sound, no people, no outside intrusions can penetrate these barriers. You can put the barriers just a foot away from yourself or surround a larger space -- whichever feels most comfortable. Within the barriers, all is silent and peaceful. Sit within your imaginary barriers for a moment.



It's unusual for me to feel peaceful and quiet, dear Jesus, because there is always so much noise, so much confusion, so much other stuff going on all around me.

People demanding my time, Projects demanding my attention,
Tasks demanding my effort.

I long for a place with sound barriers: a place where I can go to be quiet, where I can find the peace that is missing from my life.

I know that you often felt the same way -- that you had the same need to find a place away from everything where you could rest and be quiet. You didn't seem to find it any easier to do that than I do, and you are the Son of God, with legions of angels at your command!

How I need a place of peace in my life, dear Jesus, a place just for us.  No one else but me and you. There we would be, just the two of us.  No one interrupting us with their complaints and demands.  No phones ringing, televisions blaring, or traffic roaring.
No deadlines, no alarm clocks, no schedules.  Nothing else. Just me and you.

As I talk to you, Christ Jesus, I'm beginning to realize that in this
talking is a peace. As I concentrate on what I'm saying to you and listen for the sound of your voice, I'm beginning to shut out all the noise around me.

Our communion with each other is erecting barriers all around. The world outside me fades, the sounds die down, and I can finally relax in this quiet space.

Here we are, resting in each other's presence. Just me and you.

I thank you, Christ Jesus, for this small space of peace and quiet with you.  I thank you that this space is always here, always waiting for me, and in  these few moments, I can find the refreshing that I need.

That's all it takes -- a few moments with you. A few moments of peace and quiet.  Just me and you.


Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. (John 14:27)


Continue to sit for a few moments, enjoying your quiet space. Then, one by one, take down your invisible barriers and return to your world. Remember that the quiet space is always there, always available to you when you feel the need for peace and quiet.

This excerpt is taken from QUIET SPACES by Patricia Wilson. 


"Confession Hour"
By Danielle Merlis

I am addicted to my thoughts.
So silly
So many dark trains
When they come I know they are not to be believed deep in me
My mind doesn't believe it
But in my soul I do

So I'm so saying eff it

When a dark train of thoughts or emotions comes rolling along

I don't have to get on the train

I don't have to....

I can anchor gently back down into the present moment

Does this get exhausting? Does this work?
The mind wants to know so much....

I am not my mind....

I don't care so much what it says anymore...

Even that voice that is telling me that I still do...

Saying whatever to it all...




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