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"God satisfies my mouth with good things so that I stay young and strong like an eagle."  -- Psalm 103:5

Following is some basic nutrition information in a nutshell. However everyone is different, and so you must experiment with foods to discover which foods help you to feel your best.  And use your intuition!   Here are some general guidelines that I think (most) everyone should follow:

1.  Eat natural foods the way God created them  -  not overly processed  by food manufacturers.

2.  Eat whole foods, for example,  an orange rather than orange juice (though juices have their place.)

3.  Eat small frequent meals.  "Graze",  especially if you tend to have unstable blood sugar;  and never eat too       much at one time.    This puts a tremendous strain on your digestive system and your energy in general.

4.  Avoid, or cut down on white sugar, aspartame, and all other artificial sweeteners.   Try Stevia or  Blue Agave. They are both low on the glycemic scale.

5.  Try eating whole grain breads, cereals and pasta,  instead of  white flour and white flour products These items are among those which create an ACID condition in the body resulting in numerous conditions, one of  the most common being candida (yeast infection).   White flour products also have no fiber, and few nutrients.  If you have digestive problems, seriously consider trying a gluten free diet.

6.  Use salt sparingly.  Sea salt is best.

7.  Use butter in moderation,  rather than  margarine or  other  hydrogenated fats.

8.  Avoid all products that have any kind of artificial additives in them.  Read the labels!

9.  Most people are affected adversely by caffeine. Try drinking green tea, herb teas, or decaffeinated, organic coffee  instead.

10.  Eat LIVE*,  preferably raw,  or properly cooked  foods.    Buy organic if possible.

11.  A low glycemic diet is best.  Most high fiber foods are also low glycemic foods.

12.  And whatever you eat, eat with mindfulness and thanksgiving!

Always remember that only nature has the power to heal,  IF given the proper nutrients which are the building blocks of the body. 

What's This About "Frequency"?

A "frequency generator" was developed in the early 1920's by Royal Raymond Rife, M.D.  He found that by using certain frequencies , he could destroy a cancer cell or virus.  He found that these frequencies could prevent the development of disease, and others would destroy disease.

Bruce Tainio of Tainio Tech. in Cheney, Washington, developed new equipment to measure the biofrequency of humans and foods.  He used this biofrequency monitor to determine the relationship between frequency and disease.

Measuring in megahertz, it was found that processed/canned food had a zero MHz frequency.;  fresh produce measured up to 15 MHz;  dry herbs from 12-22 MHz; and fresh herbs from 20-27 MHz.    A healthy body typically has a frequency ranging from 62-78 MHz, while disease begins at 58 MHz.

Frequency is a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points.  Every living thing has an electrical frequency.  

Our bodies have an electrical frequency.  A healthy body has a frequency from about 62 to 78 MHz, while disease begins at 58MHz.  Foods need to be as fresh and alive as possible.  It was found that processed/canned food had a 0 frequency, while fresh produce measured up to 15MHz.  

Robert O. Becker, M.D. documents the electrical frequency of the human body in his book, "The Body Electric".  


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